Get medical help as soon as possible

Even though you may not appear to be hurt, there may be injuries not visible to the eye. Local emergency rooms provide treatment for victims of sexual violence 24-hours a day.

Report the assault to the police

The decision about whether or not to talk with the police about an assault is an individual choice. Discussing the assault with law enforcement may allow the perpetrator to be held accountable for the crime. Fear and embarrassment often cause many people to be reluctant to tell others about the assault. Even if one chooses not to immediately report the assault to the police, crisis care and counseling services are always available through the statewide number or the local rape recovery center.

How you may feel

Each assault is different, and each victim may experience many different feelings. Some include, anger, embarrassment, guilt/shame, depression, mistrust of people (which includes family members), fear of being alone, fear of crowds, fear of others finding out.

Healing and recovery

Recovery takes time and the process is different for everyone. A victim may need ongoing support during recovery. A rape crisis center provides specially trained people who listen and help.

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