Statewide Rape and Sexual Assault Crisis Line

1-888-421-1100 (24 hrs)

Utah Rape Recovery Center

1-801-467-7273 (24 hrs)

The Utah Domestic Violence Link Line

1-800-897-LINK (5465) (24 hrs)

Utah University Hospital Staff Crisis Team


Childcare: Crisis Nurseries


Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault (UCASA)


National Sexual Assault Hot line

1-800-656-HOPE (4673)

National Domestic Violence Hot line

1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

Crime Victims' Rights Ombudsman

The Rights Established Under The Crime Victims' Rights Act of 2004

Holiday Safety Plan

Emergency Preparedness Safety Plan

(Keep the following items in a baggy and keep in a safe place. Keep OUT of the house or car)

  • Important papers and documents: birth certificates, children's school documents, medical records, social security cards, license, lease bills, passports, etc
  • House keys, cash, credit cards, medicine, important numbers, an extra cell phone in a safe place
  • Change
  • Establish code words so that children, family, trusted friends, etc. are aware of when you call for help
  • Memorize important numbers and have them easily accessible on your cell phone (if you have one). Prepaid cell phones are good to have for emergencies
  • Have a backup plan
  • Carry a small noisemaker (such as whistle and/or flashlight, on your key chain)
  • Be aware of your routine and try to alter it sometimes
  • Have an extra set of keys
  • Try to keep in contact with people/organizations who are helping you

**Portions adapted from** Statewide Rape and Sexual Assault Crisis Line

P.O. Box 2981 Salt Lake City, Utah 84110, Phone Number: (801) 810-4827, Email:
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