Developmental Workshops~

We currently offer three workshops. Revived: Building-Blocks en route to Employment and Financial Freedom; New Directions: The Next Chapter; and Fathers as Part of the Solution.


Building-Blocks en route to Employment and Financial Freedom

The Resume ~ The Interview ~ Financial Empowerment

A workshop with a purpose to inspire a self-sufficient future.

  1. Fundamentals on entering and/or reentering the workforce: Your resume, attire, interviewing techniques, etc.
  2. Basic financial empowerment
    1. Escaping financial abuse
    2. Turning a paycheck into a safety net for a more quality future

Kujichagulia (Self-Determination) ~

Mapping the Next Steps

Journaling and Self Defining workshop designed to walk with survivors on the path of overcoming silence, invisibility, and stigma’s associated with mental health.

Fathers/Father Figures

A Conversation with my Daughter(s)

Actively engaging fathers/father figures with daughters in conversations that bridge communication gaps for healthier relationships.


  • Active listening and respectful communication
  • Self-identification and self-awareness
  • Personal expectations 
  • Healthy partnerships
  • Build the Bridge – a partnering activity